Our Management Team

Our Executive Team

The Harmony Trust's lead sponsor is Greenhill Primary Academy and the Chief Executive Officer is Antony Hughes. The Members and Board of Trustees are determined in their mission to give all our pupils the quality education that they deserve. We are passionate about offering an outstanding education to our children that means every single one reaches their full potential.

The Management Group

Antony Hughes, Chief Executive Officer

The role of the Chief Executive is to work closely with the Members and Board of Trustees to provide outstanding strategic leadership for The Harmony Trust ensuring continuing success and sustainability in its Academies. Antony ensures appropriate arrangements are in place to deliver high standards of education for all children in the Trust's academies.


Maggie Williams, Director of Infrastructure

The role advises the CEO on strategic issues affecting the business and support provision in the Trust Leadership Team and make recommendations for development, improvement and delivery. It provides expert advice and direction to senior staff about their approach to different aspects of the Trust’s business to maximise effectiveness and support improvement.


Jessica Hainsworth, Director of Education

The Director of Education oversees the successful delivery of the highest possible standard of educational provision to maximise pupils’ progress in learning and high levels of pupil and staff wellbeing. She works with and supports academy leaders to maintain a high quality curriculum framework that enables all pupils to achieve well and make good developmental progress in in all areas of that curriculum. 


Sharon Costello, Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer has responsibility for all aspects of Trust Finance. Delivering operational rigour and strategic direction, Sharon plays an integral role in supporting the growth and development of The Harmony Trust.


Tracey Mellor, Assitant Director - Operations

The role of Head of Operations delivers the key strategic aspects & objectives relating to areas such as HR and ICT. It supports and advises the Trust on management of Human Resources by ensuring an effective and efficient use of those resources. The role manages the delivery of ICT infrastructure and the use and investment of technology to support the delivery of operational practice across the Trust.


Wendy May, Assistant Director - Safeguarding, Estates & Compliance

The role of Head of Safeguarding and Data delivers the key strategic aspects & objectives relating to areas such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Compliance and data. It supports and advises the Trust on all aspects of Safeguarding and Health & Safety and provides a data function for the central team and individual academies. The role ensures high quality management of Safeguarding and Health & Safety within each academy and ensures compliance through effective and efficient processes.