The Harmony Pledge

The Harmony Pledge aims to ensure that every child achieves their academic potential by broadening the pupils’ experiences and aspirations so that they become lifelong learners. The trust pledges to develop its pupils character, resilience and range of social and emotional competencies.

The Ten Point Pledge

  1. To take responsibility for own safety, health and well-being
  2. To engage in fundraising and charitable events
  3. To take part in a presentation, sporting event, perform to an audience or in a public place
  4. To contribute to environmental sustainability
  5. To understand and learn from and about other cultures and faiths in our diverse community
  6. To help others through volunteering activities
  7. To be involved in a democratic process
  8. To experience an educational visit/overnight residential trip
  9. To take an active role as a learner
  10. To understand the world of work and have high aspirations for the future.