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Monday, February 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce that our partnership with The Tutor Trust continues to grow from strength to strength.  We have set up tuition for this academic year in all 5 primary schools across the Oldham Hub.

The Tutor Trust began a partnership with us in January 2018, working across all 5 schools: Westwood Academy, Richmond Academy, Alt Academy, Greenhill Academy and Northmoor Academy.  They all had Reading and/or Maths tuition in Year 6 from January until the run up to SATs in May.  Overall, tutors worked a total of nearly 300 hours across the 2018/19 academic year and the evidence gathered shows the impact tutors had on pupils’ attainment and their attitude to learning.

Richmond Academy had a total of 69 hours of Reading tuition for 18 pupils.  In the 2018 SATs, 83% of those tutees (15 out of 18) achieved the Expected Standard for Reading, which contributed overall to 75% of the school’s Year 6 cohort reaching the Expected Standard in Reading.    

The tutors also had an impact on pupil’s attitude to learning as revealed by a Pupil Voice analysis.  All pupils receiving tuition across all the schools were asked to rate several statements, before and after tuition.  79% of pupils agreed they felt confident in school lessons before tuition compared to 92% who agree after having tuition.  In addition, 70% of pupils felt confident in their ability before tuition which grew to 87% of pupils who felt confident in their ability after tuition.

Antony Hughes, our Chief Executive, said: “We are very proud of our partnership with the Tutor Trust and the impact it is having on our children’s learning and confidence.  The undergraduate and postgraduate tutors are excellent role models who share our commitment to ensuring that children living in disadvantaged areas can access high quality tuition that prepares them well for the next phase of their education.”

Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent, Co Founders of the Tutor Trust, supported the importance of working in partnership: “It is exciting to be able to build on the success we have already achieved with the schools in The Harmony Trust. Our strong partnership ensures more children have access to high quality tuition so there is even more impact on the learning and confidence of those children who most need it.”   

We are delighted to be working together again this academic year: to support even more pupils across the Trust schools; to support the Oldham Opportunity Area; and to inspire more pupils to be ‘Work wise’ as part of the Harmony Pledge.

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