Social action project brings generations together

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Year 5 pupils from Cavendish Close Junior School in Chaddesden spent an exciting morning running an Inter-generational project with a group from the Chaddesden Park Day Centre. Di Cliff the Development worker from Age UK Derby and Derbyshire runs the Centre, was elated with the how the morning turned out.

The pupils from the school are working towards their Prince William Award, with weeks to go until they have their graduation. For one of the last projects the children decided they would have a fun morning spent with the older generation, learning about the games they played when they were younger, baking cakes and making bracelets. The students were also able to experience the ‘RemPod’ which was featured on Dragons Den, to help those suffering from dementia with have a familiar setting, dating back to the 40’s and 50’s.

Joel Luckett the instructor of the Prince William Award from SkillForce said ‘the children decided all by themselves to do this project all I did was facilitate the meet’.

SkillForce delivers the Prince William Award across the whole of the country currently in over 300 schools. The award is open to children between 6-14 years from any level and ability, it is designed to explore and develop character and resilience in children and young people, helping them to face life’s challenges and embrace opportunities.

Prince William is Royal Patron of the charity and this is the only award scheme of its kind in his name. The charity is on a mission to ‘inspire a generation of self-believers’ and hopes, in time, to give every child in the country the opportunity to complete the award.

The Trust is currently running this scheme across the Derby Hub and all our Academies are delivering various community projects. 

Lindsay Trail, a member of the Senior Leadership team from the Academy said “The children have really benefited from the skills the parents are really on board. The children are just becoming more confident, everyone is really engaged. Their behaviour in school is now good, it is really calm, you can see from their faces they are really engaged and enjoy all of the sessions that the PWA offers. The way Joel works with the children and engages with them is fantastic; he understands them and their needs. The parents are really on board; they all want to know what the class is doing next.”

Hannah Peat Class Teacher said “I think the PWA has had a massive impact on my class and the rest of the school its really developed their resilience, self control and confidence particularly at an event like this where they have come out of the comfort zones and been able to interact, participate and lead some of the activities with people that have never met before is a really big step for a lot of them, particularly when they are only 10 years old.

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