Pupils with Education, Health and Care plans currently at home

If your child has an education, health and care plan, Local authorities will be doing their best to meet needs in the complex situation.

If you are able to meet your children’s needs at home, this is the safest place for them.  If you are worried that you cannot meet your child’s needs, please speak to the Local authority SEN team and school so we can try to help as much as we can.

A member of staff from our academy will be contacting you regularly to check you are okay.

Oldham Local Authority EHCP team Contact:

T: 0161 770 4269

E: ehcinfo@oldham.gov.uk

Please also see the guidance from the educational psychology team – Click Here

Information about Oldham’s Local Offer – Click Here

Derby Contacts

LA contact for Derby is accessed via The Local Offer 01332 640758 email local.offer@derby.gov.uk 

Other resources:

Council for Disabled Children offer lots of advice and support 02078436000 


Virtual Schools for Derby


01332 640342 and they support Special Educational Needs including EHC

stepsadmin@derby.gov.uk 01332 641400

Specialist Team Service, for sensory, physical, social communication and autism including Early years impairment, providing advice for parents.


Umbrella 01332 785658 -support young people aged 5-30 with special needs including Sensory, Learning and Behavioural disabilities and additional needs. 


familysupport@umbrella.uk.net is the email address.


SENDIASS - information for parents and support with EHC draft plans.

01332 641414